Alvin Chao
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A technical management position that will leverage my technical development skills in a management arena.
James Madison University
August 2003 Masters of Business Administration Harrisonburg, VA, USA
George Mason University
May 1995 Bachelors of Science Systems Engineering Fairfax , VA, USA
·  3.654 Overall GPA.
Northern Virginia Community College
January 1993 Associates of Science - General Studies Concentration in Engineering Annandale, VA, USA
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1991 none Blacksburg, VA, USA
Attended from Fall 1988 to Fall 1991
Annandale High School
May 1988 General Diploma Annandale, VA, USA
James Madison University
Sep 2015 - Present Adjunct Professor Computer Science Harrisonburg, VA, USA
Courses taught:
  · CS 240 Sep 2015. Data Structures and Algorithms - Language: C.
  · CS 139 Jan 2016 Intro to Programming Lab - Lab Instructor - Language: Java.
  · CS 149 Intro to Programming - Instructor Sep 2016, Jan 2017, Sep 2017, Jan 2018 - Language: Java.
James Madison University
May 1998 - Present Collaborative Services Manager / Lead Web Analyst Harrisonburg, VA, USA
·  Implemented and managed Zoom Collaboration Tool
·  Managed Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint applications team
·  Served as technical project lead and managed JMU Oracle Portal Project including installation of Oracle 10g application server
·  Managed web development team projects for the University's Information Systems Department.
·  Responsible for implementing the first 'live' site for PeopleSoft HTML Access Student Administration Student Self Service application.
·  Customized 3rd party PeopleSoft HTML Access applications and developed JMU specific customizations using Microsoft Active Server Page(ASP) Technology.
·  Developed various PERL based CGI programs for web based display of database information.
·  Designed, developed and maintained many department web pages and assisted users in publishing to those pages.
·  Administered several Windows servers running IIS in conjunction with testing web application development.
·  Conducted analysis of various web based security and technology architectures for adoption into JMU infrastructure.

Data Networks Corporation
May 1995 - January 1998 Systems Engineer Reston , VA, USA
·  Conducted requirements analysis and provided guidance toward product selection for Enterprise Systems Management solutions, TCP/IP products, and other intranet and Internet communications software packages.
·  Performed software engineering and development tasks related to the deployment and assessment of Department of Defense logistics systems.
·  Performed in-house network maintenance on LAN cards / Microsoft Exchange administration / router to internet connection setup / hub and switch maintenance, and web server administration.
·  Developed a Web Site using HTML and programmed a Microsoft Access application to support site maintenance and report data generation.
HomePro Systems, Inc.
May 1993 - May 1995 Network / Database Administrator Falls Church , VA , USA
·  Responsible for administration, troubleshooting and maintenance of a 20 user Novell Netware 3.12 network.
·  Evaluated and recommended hardware and software solutions for the network.
·  Designed, programmed and implemented multiple SQL reports and applications in Microsoft Foxpro 2.6
·  Assisted in the development of a custom-built scheduling application written in Microsoft Foxpro 2.6 which linked with an SBT Accounting system, satisfying design objectives.
·  Performed administration duties for a Tadiran telephone network and an Active Voice Replay Plus voice mail system.
January 1992 - May 1993 Martketing Support Representative Falls Church, VA, USA
·  Served as a customer service representative and took inspection calls via phone.
·  Performed data entry and market analysis work via SQL reports for a Microsoft Foxpro database.
Primary Telecommunications, Inc.
June 1989 - April 1990 Technical Assistant Falls Church, VA, USA
·  Assisted in the testing of a custom programmed PICK BASIC accounting application.
·  Performed inventory and account management duties.
·  Served as a liaison between outside contractors and management
Programming Languages
·  (X)HTML (20 Years), used at DNC, and JMU extensively.
·  PERL (20 years), used to write custom CGI applications for JMU.
·  Javascript (20 years), used at JMU in HTML page extensions.
·  Java(20 years), debugged application for JMU and taught Intro to Java course 3 years.
·  C/C++ (25 years), used in small projects for GMU course work and at DNC. Taught C for CS 240 course at JMU
·  Visual Basic (26 years), used in Senior Design project and at JMU in ASP programming.
·  ASP development on MS IIS (15 years), used to modify delivered PeopleSoft Source Code and write application enhancements.
·  PHP (4 years) used in various private projects.
·  Python (1 year) used in various scripts for data transfer for teaching.
·  Pascal (5 years), coursework and small applications at PTI.
·  Fortran (1 year), engineering coursework.
·  Smalltalk (6 months), used in engineering coursework.
·  ADA (6 months), used in engineering coursework.
·  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Frontpage, Powerpoint)all versions through latest Office 2016 Mac and PC, including VBA development.
·  Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Administration
·  PeopleSoft Student Administration 7.0 to 8.4 (2 years), trained in PeopleTools Foundation course.
·  Design IDEF Data Modeling Tool.
·  ER/WIN Data ERD tool.
·  Visio (5 years), Advanced knowledge of entire Visio package
Operating Systems
·  Windows 3 through latest 7, Server: NT up to 2008 Server Administration.
·  Macintosh 8 through OS 10.x.
·  UNIX, Basic administration/shell programming using Sun Solaris 2.51 and HP UX 10.20 for DNC.